Snow Routes

  • Main streets are the priority for Denver Public Works and its largest plows. Most main streets have stripes – that’s a good way to identify them. These are the streets that carry most of the city’s traffic, as well as emergency vehicles and public transportation.
  • We also plow around schools each morning and afternoon to provide safe zones for school children whenever possible.
  • Denver does not restrict parking on snow routes – just follow the posted parking rules, even during the worst storms.  As long as your car is parked legally, you will not receive a ticket.

 Snow Removal Fleet

  • 70 heavy plows
  • Seven motor graders
  • Four loaders
  • The motor graders and loaders are deployed to areas where snow tends to create tall drifts on the road; they address streets where ice is packed and needs to be broken up; they can be used to clear on-street parking after the roads are addressed. Motor graders do the heavy work and the loaders remove the snow or ice from the road.
  • An additional four loaders at camps to load materials into the plows.