SNOW Predicted:

Snow Predicted: Denver determines staffing levels based on forecast

  • When snow is predicted, staffing levels are determined based on the weather forecast.
  • Denver may use a liquid de-icer to pre-treat the streets; however it is not a common practice, as conditions have to be just right for pre-treating to be effective. Pre-treating the streets will not prevent ice from forming, but helps prevent ice from bonding to the street.


Snow Begins: De-icing applied and main streets plowed

  • When snow begins, our heavy plows address the main streets
  • Depending on the location, the plows may apply either a dry or liquid de-icer to prevent snow/ice from bonding to the pavement.
  • De-icing material will not melt snow and ice when temperatures fall into the low 20's and below, but may provide some additional traction for vehicles.  


Major Snow Event: Main streets and residential streets will be plowed simultaneously

  • In a larger snow event, the city may deploy its smaller plows to the residential streets and the main streets and side streeets will be plowed simultaneously 
  • De-icing materials are only applied only to main streets.
  • Main streets plowed by heavy plows.