Snow Buddies Program

Snow Buddies is a partnership between the City and County of Denver and Volunteers of America. The Snow Buddies program connects healthy volunteers with anyone 60+ in the metro area who cannot shovel their own walk. Volunteers are paired with seniors within a 2 mile radius of one another.

Why Volunteer

The Snow Buddy program was initiated to keep seniors safe from falls on snow or ice during the winter. The program also keeps seniors from accruing city fines for not being able to shovel their snow from the sidewalks. When you sign up to be a Denver Snow Buddy, you are strengthening our community, improving someone else’s life and transforming your own life through service.

How do I volunteer to become a Snow Buddy? Volunteers fill out an application and undergo a background check before being matched with a senior. Once the match is made, the expectation is that the volunteer will show up at their buddy’s home after two or more inches of snow has fallen and clear their walkways.

Go to to request information to volunteer. Please note there is a one –time fee of $20 for the background check.

I’m 60+ and need help shoveling my walk, how can I request a Snow Buddy? Seniors in the Denver metro area can call 720-264-3379 to be paired with a Snow Buddy.


General Ways to Help Your Community

  • Get to know your neighbors - keep a list of phone numbers on hand for emergencies.
  • Check on elderly and/or disabled neighbors during major snow storms to be sure they do not need help.
  • Always clear your sidewalk of snow as soon as possible - it is difficult for pedestrians to walk down sidewalks full of snow and ice but it is nearly impossible for wheelchairs.
  • Go the extra step to make sure the sidewalk on your block is clear of snow so it can be accessible to all.
  • Check out the resources available in your neighborhood - churches and other service organizations often have volunteers available to help those in need.
  • Visit the Denver Office of Emergency Management to get more information on how neighborhoods can prepare for emergencies in Denver.